Dreams ALWAYS provide answers. All we need to do is ask the question and pay attention!

Over 30 years of working with dreams I’ve come to trust that no problem is too big, too small, too complicated or too outrageous to be solved through dreams.

The following is a list of real life issues my clients have solved with information and guidance received in their dreams.

  • needing financial ABUNDANCE
  • BOUNCING through life without direction
  • drumming up COURAGE
  • clarity for making healthier DECISIONS
  • feeling EMPTY
  • FEAR motivated choices
  • GRACE seems like a fairy tale
  • resolving family HISTORY
  • lack of INSPIRATION
  • JUDGING oneself harshly
  • hard to be KIND after being hurt
  • LOVE seems illusive
  • unclear, inconsistent, conflicting MOTIVATIONS
  • don’t know how to get NEEDS met
  • OVERWHELMED by life
  • PLEASING everyone except oneself
  • wanting higher QUALITY relationships
  • RUNNING away from problems
  • phobias of SNAKES & SPIDERS
  • needing a TREATMENT plan for cancer (this was MY issue)
  • unable to appreciate your own UNIQUENESS
  • being a VICTIM
  • you have it all and still WONDER what’s missing
  • never having eXtra energy, money, time
  • desire to say YES to life but don’t know how
  • ZOOS kept showing up in their dreams (just kidding!)
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