My son had been sick for four years.  Very, very sick.  So sick that his liver was failing from all the medications he’d taken … and was still taking.  

His disease wasn’t killing him, his meds were.  Yet his disease still needed treatment.  A liver transplant was an option I couldn’t fathom.  I was scared, confused, and angry, and despite their best efforts, none of my friends or family were able to help.

It was New Year’s weekend.  My son was at his dad’s house.  I dug through his old toys and pulled out the bat phone.  Bam!  Pow!  Kaboom!  I sat down on the living room floor and placed an emergency call to God.

I said I need an answer.  Now!  How can I save my son’s life and keep his disease at bay?  God said take his meds away.  I said get serious.  I need a real answer!  God said take his meds away.  What will keep his disease from getting worse I screamed.  God said take his meds away.  I cursed and cried.  God listened.  I said is that the only answer you have for me.  God calmly said take his meds away.

It’s not that God was ignoring me … I just didn’t trust the answer.  But time was running out, and God wasn’t budging.

After hours of duking it out, I gave up – gave in – and made a deal with God.  I said, “FINE!  If that’s what you want me to do, I’ll do it.  But you better show me what to do next.”

As I pushed myself up off the floor, my phone rang.  Not the bat phone!  The one plugged into the wall.  I wiped my eyes, and answered.  My sister was on the other end, excited.  She had a new, crazy idea.  “Have you ever considered acupuncture for your son?” she asked.  “It’s a long shot, but you never know.”

But I did know!  God accepted my deal.  The very minute I agreed to trust … the next step arrived.

I knew nothing about acupuncture.  I did some research, found a gentle eastern doctor who reassured me he wouldn’t hurt my son (and would also treat me for anxiety and stress!) and approached the pediatrician for a plan to wean the meds away. 

Voila!  Within three months my son’s disease had gone into remission.  Within six months his liver was restored to complete health.  Twenty years later, he is still the picture of health.

I think there’s a story about this in the Bible.  Placing your child’s life on God’s altar. Literally.  I have been inspired to trust ever since.

I’m NOT DONE YET relying on God for answers to tricky questions.  I argue less than I used to because, quite frankly, God has never disappointed me.

And if I don’t resist … I get the good stuff a lot faster 🙂