JULY 24, 2015 ~ MY 60th BIRTHDAY

They say life’s not worth a damn – that you haven’t fully arrived – until you can say, “Hey world, I am what I am!”  I’m thrilled to have thrown my life open … and arrived.  I am a woman, daughter, sister, mother, pioneer, auntie, minister, friend, grandmother, and more.  I am full of fierce contradictions … save one character trait:  my consistent intention to live life fully, true to my own Spirit.

If you’ve logged onto my website and this is the first post you read, you might be wondering!  I hope you’ll scroll back to my July 1st post, and start from there. Turning 60 is a milestone that worked me to the bone.  I needed to examine my past in an effort to achieve clarity … looking for an opening for moving forward.  And in making this exploration public, I hope to inspire you to look at your life through the long lens of time.  You might be surprised at the threads that weave your story together.

Writing this series of blogs has been beneficial beyond what I originally intended.  I understand myself in a new light.  I‘m able to see that my life has been an adventure.  That courage has always been richly rewarded.  That having purpose drives me; fulfilling purpose satisfies me.  That I have made the best of every situation in my life.  That I have claimed myself and my life as valuable.

Digging into the most influential experiences of my life has taken far more energy than I anticipated.  It’s kept me up at night, forced me to reexamine some unpleasant events, caused floods of tears – mostly in awe and gratitude – and laid the gifts of my life at my feet to be counted.  There are many.

Today – my 60th birthday – I feel solid, strong, blessed, and at peace with life to this day.  It’s a good foundation for moving forward.

I have many folks to thank for arriving at 60 intact:

  • Family who continue to inspire growth
  • Every partner who loved me and let me practice love
  • My crazy, loving, passionate sisters & brothers at The Chaplaincy Institute
  • Teachers & mentors who showed me great patience
  • Doctors who saved my life on several occasions
  • Amazing friends who know me well and love me anyway
  • Every person to whom I have ministered … you have given me so much
  • And most of all … my son.  You are the greatest gift of my life.  I love you.

For as much as I packed into these blogs, there’s an awful lot that got left out:

Breast cancer forced me to own every thought, word, and choice; eliminating the possibility of assigning responsibility for anything to anyone other than myself.  My story was recently the subject of a documentary and is published in the Breast Cancer Wellness anthology of thrivers.  I’M NOT DONE YET living out the lessons I learned from cancer.


Living with the Zulu influenced me in ways that I’m still unraveling.  I subsequently wrote Ruby’s World and now serve as the American Ambassador for the Rural Women’s Movement of South Africa, representing them at the Commission on the Status of Women at the United Nations.

I’M NOT DONE YET with this endeavor.  I’m currently working with the RWM to raise funds for a self-sustaining farm and learning center for Zulu women who wish to improve their lives.

I’ve been recording my dreams since I was 14.  Over the last 45 years I’ve gradually come to trust the wisdom in my dreams more deeply than the conventional wisdom of waking life.

My dreams were the integral factor in healing my cancer, traveling to KwaZulu-Natal, and writing Ruby’s World. I have clients worldwide whom I serve by helping them identify the wisdom in their dreams that provides insight and inspiration for navigating the challenges of their lives.  I’M NOT DONE YET touting the power of dreams.  I’m currently writing a third book, Dreams from the Edge of Life.



Thank you for sharing these past 24 days with me.  I hope my stories have at least been interesting; at best been food for thought.  I look forward to sharing more in the coming months and years.  Stay tuned.

When my son was young and first exposed to the concept of death, he was scared.  I comforted him by telling him I’d live to be 100 … my benchmark for life ever since.

I love my life.  I have a lot to squeeze into the next 40 years!  I’m excited … because I’M NOT DONE YET.