It’s here.  I’m excited.  Welcome to the NOT DONE YET blog tour of my life!  I’ve packed a lot into 60 years and I can’t imagine a better way to celebrate than by looking back as a way to wind the gears to propel myself forward.
Kids instinctively know the value of having a witness for their special moments.  You hear it all over living rooms, playgrounds, and sports fields: Look Mom!  Watch me!  Did you see?  Every exciting milestone is made richer by having a witness.

In my work as a hospice chaplain I witness life review every day: people sharing the highs and lows of their lives, their joys and regrets … their attempts to sort out the meaning of their lives.  xxx

Naturally, listening to their stories makes me reflect on my own, especially as I approach my 60th birthday later this month.

I recently began writing my stories down, searching for the 10 best days of my life, and quickly discovered that “best” is relative … especially after 60 years!  I also realized that very few experiences are singularly good or bad.

So I shifted my goal to identifying the most influential experiences of my life; the events that shaped me and radically impacted the direction of my life.  I’m going to share these stories – in the order they occurred – between now and my birthday.

I hope they inspire you to tell your own stories.  We all have them.  And it’s good to take stock of life while there’s still plenty left.


Welcome to the NOT DONE YET blog tour of my life … so far.   Going public is liberating and empowering.  I trust there is an even greater purpose.

Thank you for being my witnesses.