It feels serendipitous (I officiated at a beautiful wedding yesterday afternoon at the Hacienda del Sol) that on the eve of my “Blogosphere Tour” for Ruby’s World, I find myself back on the sacred ground of Taos, where I wrote the book.

Driving up the canyon from Albuquerque yesterday I recalled my first trip to Taos.  It was 1981.  I was visiting my brother who lived in Albuquerque, and he said, “Let’s go ski Taos.”  I had no idea that one little ski trip would forever change my life.

After an exhilarating day on the mountain, we took a drive out to the Taos gorge. Standing on the rim, I felt the earth “hum” under my feet and a connection was forged between my soul and this land.  My heart longed to be in Taos ever since.  I made a pilgrimage back almost every year.  The big sky, walking rain, slow pace … they called me so strongly, that 28 years after my first trip, I finally moved to Taos.

My life felt in shambles at the time of my move.  My trip to Africa was not the idyllic experience I had hoped for.  In fact, I ended up barely surviving with my life.  My relationship had died a slow, agonizing death, and I didn’t know where my life was headed. But I knew Taos was the place to heal and figure it all out.

Friends had been telling me that I needed to write a book about my experience in South Africa.  It turns out that there’s a wonderful community of writers in Taos.  They took me into their fold, coached and encouraged me, and two years after arriving in Taos, Ruby’s World was birthed.

Then, as unexpectedly as my move to Taos, a year later I moved away.  I didn’t want to. But the same energy that called me, seemed to expel me, pushing me further down my path.  I sense that I’m headed for the east coast next year as my work with the rural women and children of Africa continues to unfold in surprising ways.

So for today, sitting here in my favorite coffee shop, in the shadow of the magical mountain that held me so tightly as I healed and wrote, I’m grateful that I still live close enough to pop in on my friends for a weekend.  I’m grateful for the three years I lived here, for the solitude and support that birthed two books (Unlocking the Dream was released just as I was driving out of town) and the incredible blessing of living my dream of being a Taseno.

Tomorrow, as I get underway with the  Ruby’s World “Blogospher Tour.” I’m thrilled to be working from this sacred land, once again held by the mountain as I undertake a new venture.  Taos is amazing.  If you ever have a chance to visit, you should.  And if you ever need healing, you won’t find better respite or inspiration.