As the Ruby’s World “Blogosphere Tour” draws to a close – only 4 days left – I’d like to share a few reviews and excerpts that have cropped up.

The review tally on GoodReads is growing.  And no less than 59 reviews are posted now on Amazon.  Thank you to every reader who has taken the time to share their emotional response to this story.  

All Things Books has posted an excerpt from Ruby’s World.  If you’ve ever wondered what the Sahara Desert or Congo Basin look like from the air, this might be the excerpt for you.  Spoiler alert: it also includes a hint at the dramatic ending.

And NewsBlaze has posted their review!

I’m thrilled that the reviews are so positive … even emotional. Well, there is the one exception … the woman who told me I was a “dumb ass.”  You can read all about her opinion here.

There are still 4 days left to download your FREE copy (click HERE) of my latest book, Unlocking the Dream, the prequel to Ruby’s World.

When I wrote Ruby’s World, it never occurred to me that anyone would really care WHY I went to Africa.  Silly me.  Turns out that’s been a point of curiosity since the day Ruby’s World hit the big world.  Unlocking the Dream addresses that question.  I’m even pleased to say there’s already a review of Unlocking the Dream on Amazon.

Four more days left.  I’m enjoying myself … hope you’re having fun, too!