Silly me!  When I sat down to write Ruby’s World, I thought it would be easy.  After all, I kept copious journals in Africa.  All I need to do was clean them up a bit and I’d be good to go.  Right?  Wrong!

It turns out there’s a huge difference between simply recording the thoughts, feelings, activities and conversations of myself and others … and actually turning that recorded information into a story that others might enjoy.  So I had to get “people.”

Taos, my home while I wrote Ruby’s World, has a community of fine writers who took me into their fold.  We shared our work out loud every week, offered critical feedback, and listened with sympathetic hearts to each others’ struggles.  Whenever I moaned and groaned about how hard it was to put my story to paper, those who had already been published assured me that writing the book was the easy part … promoting the book was the hard part.  

They had to be wrong.  Surely.  With a publishing contract already in hand, it would be different for me.  I plowed on, finished the book, went through the editing process, and voila – one day last December a carton of Ruby’s World books arrived on my doorstep.

I was so excited I nearly peed my pants.  I had a fabulous opening night at Lenny Foster’s Living Light Gallery in Taos and did a few private book club events in town.  I was on cloud nine.

Then, when all the hoopla died down, I realized my writing people knew what they were talking about.  I was overwhelmed at the prospect of promoting my book.  Once again, I needed people!

Fortunately, I have good angels.  I accepted an invitation to sit in the Author’s Pavilion at the Tucson Festival of Books this past March where I was approached by the fine folks at DM Productions, LLC – now my marketing agent and public relations gurus.

Douglas and Dianemarie Collins have gently guided me from novice to pro … from written press to television … from one published book to two!  (If you haven’t already downloaded your free copy of my second book, Unlocking the Dream, don’t waste another minute.  Click HERE.)

This Ruby’s World “Blogosphere Tour” is the brainchild of DM Productions – my fabulous new people.  And despite not even knowing what a blog was six months ago … I’m having a fabulous time.

I’m anxious to see where we’ll “cruise” next.  Pun intended.  They are currently promoting me to the major cruise lines and next spring I look forward to sharing my writing, dreaming and global volunteer seminars on the wide open oceans!