The international blog tour for Ruby’s World – My Journey with the Zulu gets underway on Monday!

When I set off alone for South Africa in 2008, I didn’t know that I would encounter ancient traditions dictated by witch doctors and tribal chiefs.  I didn’t know that I would bond with the tribal matriarch so deeply (despite not speaking each others’ language) that I would be the honored guest at her funeral.  I didn’t know that the very women who invited me would turn on me and send me running for my life.

And I surely didn’t know that I would write a book!   But the story of Ruby’s World demanded to be told.  And in the 10 short months since it was published, it has stirred emotions around the world.

Join me over the next month during the blog tour as I share interviews and reviews from blog sites throughout the U.S., Canada and Great Britain.   During this time, I’m also going to share stories from my adventure in KwaZulu-Natal that didn’t make it into Ruby’s World.

If you’ve read Ruby’s World and have burning questions, I’ll be happy to answer them here over the next month.  Just send an email to  Ask anything!  You can’t possibly embarrass me at this point – I’ve heard it all.  But you can choose to remain anonymous if you’d like.  And anyway, if you’re wondering, so is someone else!

Since returning home from South Africa, my life has changed in dramatic, unpredictable ways that continue to unfold.  On November 10th, I have an exciting announcement about the latest development … an opportunity for impacting women around the world.

As a thank you for joining the blog tour, I’d like to give you a free copy of my new book, Unlocking the Dream.  The most frequent question I’m asked at Ruby’s World book club events is: What were you thinking? Unlocking the Dream answers that question.

To receive your FREE COPY of Unlocking the Dream click HERE, enter your information in the form provided, and you’ll receive an email with the link to download your free copy.  This offer is only good until November 10th.