Unraveling the mystery of why the Zulu threw me out – ran me out under threat for my life is more accurate – has become an obsession for readers of Ruby’s World.  The question always generates interesting conversation at signings and book club events.

“WHY?” is something I can’t answer with absolute certainty … but I did list a few theories in the epilogue.  And I’ve been amazed over the past 10 months at the variety of thought provoking explanations that readers put forth.  But one in particular really stands apart from all the rest.

Not long after Ruby’s World was published, I was out for an evening of music with friends at the Taos Inn – my favorite venue in town.  A woman approached me, drink in hand, a big smile on her face.  I recognized her as having been at my opening night celebration at Lenny Foster’s gallery.  “I finished your book,” she said. “And I know why they threw you out.”

Her confidence piqued my curiosity.  Excited to have yet another theory to consider, I replied, “Really?  Tell me.”

She leaned in close, looked straight into my eyes, and shouted to be heard over the music, “Because you’re a dumb ass!”

Was I naive?  You bet.  Out of my element?  Sure.  Overwhelmed?  Without a doubt.  Dumb ass?  Ouch.  I still love hearing from readers.  And truly, all opinions are welcome.  But if “dumb ass” is your opinion … please, at least find an original way to say it.