Dream Work

Dream work explores the images and emotions of a dream with the understanding that there is no single right or wrong interpretation, but instead, vast and rich possibilities. Dream workers guide the dreamer through those possibilities, allowing each dreamer to decide for him or herself which meaning feels appropriate.

Dreams are without a shelf life – their value often lasts years beyond their birth – and every dream answers a specific question, presenting answers at a multitude of levels:

  • subconscious wisdom
  • personal growth
  • physical healing
  • spiritual development
  • archetypal patterns

Karen Baldwin focuses her dream work on extracting information from dreams to help her clients achieve a deeper understanding of their lives. She brings over 35 years of experience to her work, using dreams as guidance for making difficult life decisions – even healing life threatening diseases. She has assisted clients with:

  • healing family of origin issues
  • dealing with painful relationship
  • curing phobias
  • sorting out confusing periods of life
  • clarity for making important decisions
  • eliminating recurring nightmares
  • transforming from non-dreamer to self-directed, vivid dreamer

In addition to individual consultations, Ms. Baldwin also offers one and two-day workshops that focus on exploring various dream work techniques:

  • art as intuitive guidance
  • shamanic dream re-entry
  • dream theaterĀ 

To learn more, or to schedule a private consultation, email karen@RevKarenBaldwin.com.

Rev. Karen Baldwin is a graduate of the Chaplaincy Institute for Arts and Interfaith Ministry, holds a certificate in Spiritual Psychology from the West Coast Kabbalah School and is a member of the INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION for the STUDY OF DREAMS.